Lukas Polacek (CZE), Tattoo artist, Prague

‘Of course I’m flattered if people say I’m a legend in the tattoo world, but I can’t tell myself to be honest. I’m just a guy who loves his job and gives his best day after day. From a very young age, I guess I was 7, I became fascinated with ‘pictures in skin’. All those people looked so cool and I wanted to understand everything about it, including the technique, the philosophy, the lifestyle… I made my first tattoo when I was 12 years old.’

‘Our body is our temple. Fuck all religions which tell us differently. We are trying to design the world around us, including our own temples, which we try to make look good. So my goal is to design the people around me as good as I can.’

‘I personally love poster design, the combination of typo, pictures, graphic… I’m always trying to find new ways of ‘how to do it’. I really respect tattooers with a new point of view. Trends come and go though and everything turns into history. Some trends really ruin our craft though, think about dotted tattoos that look like shit a year later etc. But also that’s part of the tattoo world, nothing more nothing less, we’ll just have to deal with it.’

‘I’m a proud father of 3. My kids are used to seeing tats from their birth, so in their mind everyone has tattoos, that’s the world they grew up in. My oldest one tattooed me when she was 7, I was just pushing the pedal, haha. It’s so common for them that they are not specifically interested in getting any themselves.’