Viral Booy (JPN), Model, Tokyo

‘It was the narcissist in me that got into tattoos and once I started, I couldn’t stop. Therefore getting my face tattooed wasn’t a big step at the time. I knew about the consequences, such as job limitations, but I deliberately chose to do it anyway. After all, those were jobs I’d never want to do. Even better is the fact that the tattoos opened new doors, new opportunities that I would never have had without the face ink. So everything is in balance.’

‘When I was a kid, my parents got into this intense fight and in the midst of it, I got stabbed by my father. I didn’t even cry and I remember not understanding anything that was going on. Hell, I still don’t know. I guess I’m filled with unprocessed feelings and unanswered questions. Later, when I saw my dad again, I hated him. But over time I learned to forgive him. After all, we’re family… Although I don’t see them as you would a mom and dad, I deeply respect them. That being said, the drama and the stabbing were an important part of my life that I am unwilling to forget, so I got the rose on my shoulder as a reminder, and as a cover-up for the scar.’

‘I believe this extreme way of growing up is the reason I search for extreme experiences in life. I recently started going to underground events with a lot of sex involved but in an artistic way. Stuff like live fisting and what not. Tattoos, pain, sex and love, all themes influencing my life, I push to the extreme. It’s the only way I know, everything else just bores me.’