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Who are we?

Rob Walbers
— Photography
Artists, models, designers, …  all kinds of people have appeared in front of his lens. Lady Gaga, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Radiohead, … just to name a few. After growing up, studying and working in Belgium, he moved to Japan to continue his career as a freelance photographer. Besides his work in fashion, music and editorial industry, he’s constantly working on personal series.

Leen Creve
— Text
After working nine years as a fulltime design editor for a Belgian lifestyle magazine, she left the mothershipoffice and is now freelance journalist, interviewing people in the creative areas of design, interiors, gardens, crafts and photography. She loves bicycles and their riders, she adores flowers and plants and can’t get enough of old-fashioned botanical and scientific drawings.

Ayumi Okada
— Coordination
No secrets to be found in fashion shows for this Japanese director. She was born in Kyoto (Japan), spent her childhood in Hong Kong, was based in Osaka later, expanded her career after settling down in NY for a while and is currently based in Tokyo. Travelling is in her blood, globetrotter her middle name. Next to her work in fashion industry, she wants to make people smell nice as a distributor of Heaven’s Alchemy, an American made pure perfume.

Stijn Segers
— Design
Belgian born and raised graphic designer. Design as in simple, stylish, basic and especially graphic. He’s also the man behind art-pop-cult band Tour and runs his own pop-up silk print shop.

Nuno Filipe Mendes
As a 10-year-old boy, Nuno told his mom he wanted to be a writer or a fighter jet pilot. Instead of opting for the easy way out he picked up a pen and hasn’t stopped writing ever since. He became the happiest man alive when he learned he could make a living from it. No better way to satisfy his addiction for fast food, good books and loud music.