Lady Lite/Alexx (NL), dj/graphic designer, Zonhoven

“I remember this time when my girl MC Mary Jane and I had a couple of gigs in Eastern Europe. My crew and myself have a party-hard reputation, which we kept high at all time. At this particular time, we had been on a tour for three days, partying, drinking, … You know when you lose someone at a party and finding each other seems impossible? Well, two of my crewmembers decided to take their car to get some sleep at the guest house before driving back to Belgium. Wasted as they were, they started driving and driving, not realising how far they went. When they called us to check in, they were in Germany. We were still partying … in the Czech Republic. And worst of all, all of our documents were in the car.”

TII_HASSELT_LadyLite_001 copy

“So, we went to the police station. Although we were too drunk to explain ourselves, we got the documents we needed and decided to party some more to celebrate and go directly to the airport afterwards. Solid plan, if it wasn’t for the fact that while we were waiting in line at the airport, we realised we forgot the documents… again.”


“At this time, nobody would help us: a crew of ten people, a couple of them too wasted to walk or talk. Thank god our booker knew his way around the airport and arranged us to get on the plane to Amsterdam anyway. – Shout out to our booker Aleç! He’s the best! – So they reopened the already closed gate, as they had to open the door of the aircraft, which was ready for departure. We stumbled to the back of the plane where we were hoping to get some sleep, only to find some other artists who were hammered. Turns out they were Havoc and Prodigy from the rap group Mobb Deep. Needless to say, we continued the party high up in the sky!”

TII_HASSELT_LadyLite_003 copy