Brandon Sinnaeve (BE), agent / night manager, Antwerp


“I’ve been a fan of deep house techno since I was ten. So, as soon as I was old enough, I visited Ibiza and it has become my second home ever since. Hippies would visit the island in the ‘70’s and a big part of the market stands have been there since that era. The music that was played might have changed, but the message has remained exactly the same: Peace & Love!


There’s something mystical about Ibiza, you can actually feel it as soon as you arrive. And I’m not talking about the beach or the sun; it’s something stronger than that. The explanation for that is the island of Es Vedra, which is also part of the group of islands that includes Ibiza. It is said to be the third most magnetic force in the world. Jules Verne even wrote about it in one of his books saying that if the world would come to an end, this group of islands would be the place to be for survival. To protect the mystery around Es Vedra, inhabitants of Ibiza have a pact to never let a tourist on to the little island. Its forces are strong enough to reach Ibiza, though, there is no need to get any closer.”


Luckily for us, Ibiza isn’t the only place where you can enjoy good music. I might be biased because I work there, but the parties in Club Vague are almost at the same level. It effortlessly combines the darkness of a Berlin underground club combined with the best sound system you have ever heard. There’s no magnetic Es Vedra right next to it, though… But hey, I’m there!”