Bruno Agbozo / MARS (TG), dancer, Antwerp



“I got tattooed 27 times, all of them at the Brabo’s Hand tattoo shop in Antwerp. I was 17 when I got my first one and never even thought about trying another shop. As a result, I’ve obtained quite a collection by now. My head’s always filled with ideas for new tattoos, but unfortunately, they cost money. If not, I don’t think I’d have an inch of untattooed skin left.



That feeling after wrapping up a session at the tattoo shop is awesome, but it is incomparable to the high you feel when you’re dancing in front of 3000 people. My dance crew, Young Kingz, which I founded with a friend and includes dancers such as Malik from SYTYCD, is my passion. Years ago, when we first started dancing together that was all we ever did. Every opportunity we had, every hour we could, we’d be dancing. Now we’re older and obliged to act as adults, with a job and responsibilities, which means there’s less time for practice. But I can tell you, that moment you go on stage, the crowd roars and you start feeling pumped… That’s what we all do it for.”