Carien Kemp (NL), interior adviser, Lommel


“I’m originally from Rotterdam, but I moved to the picturesque town of Lommel in Belgium. Yeah, shit happens… My boyfriend’s got a job there, and I was having trouble finding one in Rotterdam, so it was a logical decision. But although we try to visit the city every chance we get, I do miss Rotterdam a lot.


I’ve experienced some difficulties finding a job after getting my degree as an interior adviser. I should’ve known, after four years of being the odd one out. My class consisted of UGG-wearing girls. You know what I mean: lots of drama, loads of make-up, infinite tears over asshole-boyfriends, … Girls asking me if I could open their can of soda, so they wouldn’t risk breaking their fake nails. I thought after four years of dealing with that, I’d get my break, but apparently giving people wallpaper advice is all my degree is good for. I don’t want to wear a store uniform and nametag my whole life. Yeah, I know, it sounds like I have given up hope, but I haven’t. I’m only 22, I’m sure I’ll get my break one day. And if I don’t, at least I’ve got an amazing boyfriend and all of Lommel’s adventurous wildlife to entertain me. Haha.”