Els Sirejacob (BE), teacher / cook, Ghent


“I was eighteen years old, and had a tribal tattooed on my lower back. After a certain time I didn ‘t like it anymore, but I didn’t want to have it removed, because it’s part of my past. So I had it changed into the roots of a tree. Tattoo-artist Ienjas from Gent created this amazing tree. I have some jigsawpuzzles too, and my husband too.


“My children are teenagers, they are not really fan of my tattoos.”


“I’d like to have some fruits and vegetables on my body. Next is a pineapple and maybe an artichoke too? An eggplant? Food is very important for me. I teach cooking. And I have my own catering company, Elisa kookt. Lately I also specialise in selling granola: I have three varieties: gluten free, with chocolate or with quinoa. Delicious and healthy.”