Floor Wyns (BE), communication officer, Antwerp


“I have twenty-five tattoos. I counted them. Some are really tiny. It’s a moodboard for myself. I can go through phases. Then it’s good to have a reminder.



David Bowie died this morning, so I’m wearing this crown, he sometimes had the same one when he was Ziggy Stardust. I remember seeing the movie Labyrynth when I was a kid, on a sunday afternoon. I must have been seven or eight. That movie impressed me like no movie had before. All because of the charachter played by David Bowie. With skinny trousers, a lot of hair and even more make-up. He was the very first man that fascinated me. Later, I had more and more reasons to stay fascinated by him. I’m going to miss him and the fact he won’t speak up anymore on political or social matters.



I have the same kind of fascination for Kate Moss. So I thought her name should be on my body too. I also have a cat, an owl, half a pair of scissors, a skull with glasses…”