Gjennifer Saban / Petitattou (BE), tattoo artist, Antwerp 


“I try to add some pure love to everything I do in life, ranging from being a mum to creating my designs, so I had ‘Pure Love’ tattooed on my forearm. I grew up without a mother and I realise the importance of that nurturing love when I look at my kids, who had so many of it. They have been an inspiration for several of my tattoos, like the panther: an animal known for having the mother raise its cubs by herself as I had to do at first with my oldest. By now I have two little ones, Younes en Ydriss, so now I can relate more with the wolf on my other arm: our little family has now become a strong wolf pack. I had Younes’ abstract portrait tattooed when he was four year old and I’m planning on having Ydriss’ picture right next to it in a few years.


The anchor tattoo is one of my own designs and it bears some great memories. I had the privilege to tattoo the same design on Tom Von Lucky, who passed away last year. His passion when it came to drawing was something I’ll never forget, I still find myself thinking of Tom every once in a while; he was a true inspiration for the world of tattooing. I later tattooed the same anchor onto the owner of the tattoo shop where I did my apprenticeship, so it’s also a reminder of those hard times when I first started tattooing.


I enjoy the way things are now, but I’m planning to open my own shop in the near future. There are still some things I need to figure out for myself before I can do that, though. Where will it be located? Am I going to work there all by myself? How am I going to combine it with being a mother? Well, I’ll figure it out eventually, the important thing is that there will be a Petitattou shop one day. And I for one can’t wait!”