John Watermeloen (NL), construction worker / contrabassist, Amersfoort



“Fuck the world. That is what the cross and the letters F T W  on my forehead mean. I’m serious about that. When I watch the news, I don’t see anything else but misery. I can’t be happy with that.



I don’t have any connection with religion. I have a Mother Mary tattooed on my hand. But I gave her my own face. There’s no use in believing in anything else but yourself. Seeing is believing is what I think. I have the devil on my hand for the same reason. It’s up to yourself to decide what is good and what is bad.



I was a painter and graffiti artist but I spend hardly any time doing it now. I have my own construction company. I’m the boss, so I can decide when I take time off for my music.


Our band is called Dirt-a-gogo an we play  “hardrockabilly”. Our songs are loud and tough. We sing about our girls, our lifes, our travels, our work. Some of my tattoos come from somewhere down the road, but most of them are from Skin Art Tattooshop in Utrecht Holland. I see my tattoos as my diary. The remind me of some moments in my life.”