Laura Theys (BE), clerk/model, Hasselt



“I was 16 when I started following the local music scene. I dyed my hair black and went to every live show in the area. I even met my boyfriend at one of those shows, he played guitar for a band called Billy Got Spanked. They later changed the band’s name to Grey Like Masquerade and their sound became more complex and mature, which is a perfect example of how everything evolved since that time. The band split a while ago, but the heavy sounds did leave some traces in my music taste: I still prefer guitars over beats.



Another thing that the music scene triggered was my interest in tattoos. I saw all these men covered in ink and loved the sight of it. My tattoos are smaller than those on the musicians I admired, but they fit me better. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get bigger pieces tattooed, but it’s different for a girl. On top of that, it could interfere with my modelling career. Although the tattoo-taboo is disappearing, it’s better for models to be tattoo-free. The small ones aren’t too big of a problem and in a worst-case scenario they can be photoshopped out of the picture.



It is really important to me that all my tattoos have a meaning, whether if it’s my dog Lars’ name, or the little star on my stomach symbolising my boyfriend. It’s a collection of my passions and values, important things to remember, so why not immortalise them in tattoos? Like my motto and one of my favourite tattoos says: ‘If you don’t live for something, you’ll die for nothing’.”