Michael Van Den Bossche (BE), videographer/typographer, Antwerp


“I don’t really know where my love for typography came from. Like most people I never really noticed it before I attended the class in art school, which had a great effect on me. Suddenly I understood its importance. For example: most of the typography you find in Belgium on street signs and public places is pretty boring. The fonts used can be of great importance for the interpretation of what you’re reading, but they just don’t seem to get that, while neighbouring countries such as Germany and the Netherlands are doing a much better job. It’s in the details, but it seems like they focus on the readability and the adaptation of the font to its purpose, or at least more than we do.


I remember how I enjoyed dissecting every letter, or finding my own way to write it. To make those letters say something, or make them add something to the word they were forming, is something you start appreciating after a while. My appreciation stayed and turned into a hobby ever since, along with videography and photography. I especially enjoy creating hand-drawn fonts, which I do under my alias: Typfabrik.”