Murrielle Scherre (BE), lingerie designer, Ghent



“The designs I make for my lingerie brand La Fille d’O are intended to decorate the female body. I know for many people tattoos are meant to do the same, but not for me. I see them as reminders. To remind me of the goals I set in life. As we grow up, we tend to forget about them and as we do, we become a boring, dreamless version of what we once were. My tattoos prevent me from doing so. Even if I wanted to give up on life’s adventure they would get in the way of a boring lifestyle. So I literally can’t.



The hands wrapping around my neck are those of people trying to hold me down, either in life, or creatively. Above it says ‘No desire to be otherwise’ in French. We are so focused on doing right for the people around us that we tend to forget that there are things we do for ourselves. Not for peers, not for bystanders and definitely not for the critics. If they want to hate, let them hate. Believe me, you’d hate too if you lived the unimaginative life they’re living.”