Quinten Muls (BE), teacher woodworking, Antwerp

“My wife Dorien is the most beautiful and the best thing that ever happened to me. We just became mum and dad, we have a little baby girl. It’s a super exciting time.



At the beginning of the school year I explain my students this: “I have tattoos, you might sometimes catch a glimpse of them. But it’s a private matter and I don’t wanna talk about it.” I usually wear long sleeves so no, it’s not a problem. It took years before even my parents knew I had tattoos. I’m very discreet.



Most of my tattoos are done by my friend Joe Dynamite form Glorybound in Antwerpen. I have a very small tattoo like a ring. But I also have a huge one on my back. I prefer positive souvenirs on my body: meeting Dorien, our engagements, our marriage…. It gives me power.


I’m a fan of vintage motors. When we go out riding with friends, it’s for fun. Sometimes, in wintertime, when the weather is too bad for riding, we gather in a garage, we drink something and we work a bit on our oldtimers.  We join Chopperbash every year. That‘s an oldtimer festival with a “no colours” policy. It means no signs of clubs or gangs are allowed. It’s about the pleasure of driving and about admiring each others bikes.”

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