Lot Hoefkens (NL), Caregiver EMB (for adults with physical and intellectual disabilities), Hilversum


“Growing up wasn’t the easiest. For me to become who I am today, I had to go through a long and exhausting process. As a sort of personal motivation, I started getting a butterfly tattooed every time I felt I completed a step towards my goal. The goal, and the idea behind what I’m doing, is that I would love to be like those butterflies one day.




Each new butterfly feels like it brings me closer to where I want to be. Or, even better, to whom I want to be. Best part about it is that I can feel myself getting closer to that goal. I have also realised that I started out with fantasy butterflies, figments of my imagination. Later on, my choice evolved towards realistic versions of this beautiful creature. Maybe that evolution means that my end goal is getting closer, as if I can almost feel it. It’s no longer a matter of ‘if I achieve it’, it’s a matter of ‘when’. And when I do, I want to get a concluding tattoo of a caterpillar. To remind me who I was before I became the butterfly I always should have been.


My backside is a completely different project, one that I just started. The idea is to let my closest girlfriends choose a butterfly of their liking. That way, over time, I’ll have the people who have my back whisking about on my backside.”