Bho Roosterman (NL), Costume Designer, Amsterdam


“I got my first tattoo when I was 19 and wanted to get a whole lot more, but my husband at the time didn’t like them. So, I stopped getting them for 19 years, but I restarted when my husband died. Shortly after it happened I got his name tattooed on my arm and added the bird to complete it. Later I had the honour to have his ‘portrait’ tattooed by the amazing tattoo-artist Suflanda, who made a beautiful drawing of my husband, riding on the back of our deceased cat. The inspiration for this drawing came from an artwork I’ve bought in Shanghai. My husband and I were in this little store and saw this framed doodle and I said: ‘That looks just like you’. When Suflanda asked me how my husband looked, to draw up the tattoo, I gave her that little piece of art as a reference.



I have several remembrance tattoos. Not only for those who passed away, but also for those who are missed. That’s why I had my godchildren’s drawings converted into tattoos. Or the ‘mom’-tattoo I have, which is special, because it’s in her own handwriting. I like to have those I love under my skin. The bleeding heart represents my fiancée, Patrick. After losing my husband, I thought I would never be able to love again. My heart was bleeding for a mighty long time, but he healed it.


Another one I love dearly is my Peruvian hairless dog. Rather rare, this type of canine, since it’s actually a mutation. Only a few puppies in every nest are born without hair, it’s actually a little mistake of nature. But he’s my mistake! He might look a little weird, but in my experience those who do, are always more fun.”