Sabina Dik (NL), Creative Coordinator, Amsterdam


“I think it’s funny, the tattoo-taboo is gone, but some preconceptions are clearly still there. Like when people expect me to party all night and know every cool bar in town, but really I prefer spending my nights watching Netflix under a snuggie.




I do get confronted with other preconceptions that tend to annoy me more. I meet a lot of different people working as a coordinator in a not-so-typical hotel in Amsterdam. Nine out of ten, those people don’t care about my appearance, but there are times when I feel stared at. And I don’t mind people looking, but you sense when they’re doing it in that other way. They don’t even realise how small-minded they sound when they tell me they’re surprised how nice I turned out to be. What do they even mean by that? As if me being tattooed has anything to do with me being a nice person… Or a good worker… Or anything for that matter?

ams_sabinadik_005 ams_sabinadik_008

To be completely honest, I’ve been disliking people more and more lately. That might sound dark, but it isn’t. It made me choose my friends wisely. And I love those people I call friends more than anything. Except maybe my cats, I fucking love my cats!”