Steven Saunders (NL), Copywriter, Amsterdam



“I can’t say I regret any of my tattoos. I’m not going to lie, some of them weren’t the best decisions, but I would never even think of covering them. I see a lot of cover-ups lately. Not that I have a problem with them, but covering something you no longer like with something new might become a cycle, no? Chances are that you’ll get sick of this tattoo as well, just as you did with the previous one. Where does it stop?



I wouldn’t call myself old, but I’ve started getting tattoos in a different era. I see so many new styles and insane artists; it’s hard to keep track of it all. I find many of those new styles intriguing. The black-red color combination, for example. Same goes for the sketch-style, where the drawing is seemingly made out of pencil strokes. The newest trend, and one of the craziest looking things in my opinion is the blackout trend. You see youngsters walk past you, entire limbs covered with black ink. Love it or hate it, but you must admit it looks pretty cool. I would never do it, don’t get me wrong, but I do like seeing it. There’s one thing, though: usually when people do that, they cover existing tattoos with that black ink. They erase stories, and that’s something I believe they might regret.



The blackout trend shouldn’t boom too much, though. I like it, but if too many people start doing it, it’ll probably lose its effect. It wouldn’t be cool if it became ‘the tribal of the ‘10s’. You’ll have a hard time if the regrets come in a few decades every time you look down at your blacked our arm. Good luck covering it!”