Edwin Bouman (NL), contractor, Amsterdam


“I love travelling every once in a while, but I’m always eager to come back. I don’t know what it is about Amsterdam, but this city will always be a part of me. I can imagine other people daydreaming about white sand beaches, drinking cocktails from a coconut until the end of their days, but I couldn’t. If I didn’t have the assurance of returning, I wouldn’t enjoy it one bit.


It’s a city that empowers you to be yourself. I’m a contractor, specialised in renovation construction. People contract me in Amsterdam because they want to know my view on things, because they know it’s going to be different. And because of that different view, I get the opportunity to think along with the architects, going further than a contractor usually goes.


The people here are more open-minded too, and I love that. My wife isn’t tattooed at all. Although she thinks it looks great on me, she doesn’t want it for herself.”