Parker Feierbach (NL), photographer, New York


“I think a tattoo represents the ability to take a moment in time and afix it to your body. It’s like a reminder of that part of your life; sort of like taking a photograph.


I have this tendency to forget things, so I try to write down every little detail that I might want to remember later, so I’ve filled up notebooks, and tattoos are sort of the same thing. A while ago my girlfriend stated my memory only goes back as far as the last two pages in my notebook… If that’s true, I’m happy I wrote all those things down. In a way, my writings are very similar to my tattoos.


My most meaningful tattoo is the delta. It’s the mathematical symbol for change.  The things around you will change constantly, and you’ll need to adapt to all those changes to evolve.



I love how everyone can fill in the idea of a tattoo in his own way. It’s become an art form, one that can be applied to any culture. You don’t have to be part of a select group to get one anymore, instead, it’s as though you get to be a canvas for the greatest artists. This form of art is getting better every day, and as more and more people get tattoos, more and more people get to have their stories carried with them. It can be such a personal thing to collect art, especially when it’s on your body: it’s your own private gallery.”