Nico Post (GER), Bricklayer, Berlin



“Being a skinhead is a way of life, but it doesn’t have anything to do with being a racist, as some think. The tattoo on my neck says SHARP. It stands for SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice. A lot of people wrongly associate the look of a skinhead with that of a neo-Nazi. Understandable, because those fuckers just stole our style. They must’ve liked it, so they just copied elements of it, leaving us with being unnecessary prejudiced by others. Not that I really care. My look does get me into trouble sometimes; simply because people assume I’m someone I’m not. But I don’t care, really. I’m not going to try and explain myself. If they want to be dumb, it’s not my job to educate them. I know what I stand for and that suffices.



The shaved head, the most notable feature of a skinhead, has originated as a counter for the hippie movement in the 60’s and 70’s. Most of the hippies came from wealthy homes. They just revolted against their parents, who fought in wars and worked all their lives. They didn’t want to be a part of the working class, so they grew their hair out and just chilled all day. The mentality of a skinhead is a worker mentality. In this world, if you’re not doing anything, you’re not getting anything.



In terms of clothing, the skinhead culture ‘s pretty strict. A polo shirt, denim and a pair of Dr. Martens-boots are very common; it’s kind of like a uniform. But the tattoos of skinheads aren’t all that typical. So you can give it a personal touch, if you want to.”