Fanny Fokuf (GER) , Tattoo Apprentice, Berlin 



“Who sold me cigarettes when I was 15? Or alcohol? And who tattooed me at that age for 40 euros when I was on a school trip in Poland? I don’t know, but it happened. It was a star, very original… Luckily I waited another two years form the next one, a leopard print for my 17th birthday. Then I got one of my dog and then lettering and then more and more… I met my husband Jared and now I’m an apprentice in our private tattoo studio Radical Electric. I’m specialising in handpoking, so without a tattoo machine.



Berlin is great because lots of people here are open and creative. I’ve always lived here. It’s an open atmosphere, especially here in Neukölln where I live in a very small apartment with my two dogs and my husband. I live across a big park where you can find me all the time. I like to walk on my own, as kind of meditation, especially in in the mornings when the city is still asleep. Or in winter when only dog owners are around. Berlin is a very green city.



Do go and see the wall when you are in Berlin, but avoid the 13 euro hamburgers. And all the other touristic stuff. Go walk the little streets of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Maybachufer near the canal…




I ‘d like to travel and see the whole world. I‘ve always wanted to see Damascus, but it’s too late now so I don’t want to waste too much time.  I want to go before our world is more destroyed by war. But I don’t want to leave my dogs at home. So we bought a van, in which we can take them along: Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal or even Germany are beautiful places. Maybe, if we organise well, we might be able to arrange guest spots in tattoo shops around Europe?”