Stella Stellaris (D), Marketing Manager / Suicide Girl, Berlin

“I’ve been a Suicide Girl for more than 10 years now; it’s like an alternative Playboy. Back when I started it was a rather small movement, and I got to meet my very best friends through the community. Back then you got paid for your photoset. Now you have to publish it for free and then members can vote for their favourite sets. Totally understand the business perspective but from the “model” point of view, it´s not for me.



I love taking pictures of my tattoos. I recently wrote on my Instagram: ‘I’m excited about my body and how its skin is modified. I freaking love it. It puts a smile on my face.’ On Instagram I only follow cats and tattooed girls, because both make me happy. I get a lot of inspiration for my own tattoos on there too. The body of women is completely different to male bodies: back pieces or chest pieces can really change the form of your body. And I think some tattoo artists don’t really think about that when tattooing women. My favourite tattoo artists in Berlin work at Pechschwarz Tattoo.



‘You know what? I’ll go and find me a girl without tattoos!’ That’s what a fling of mine once told me when we broke up. He would have never have had the guts to take me to his parents anyway, because it is still related to drugs and partying for some narrow-minded people. I studied Business Administration, and I literally was the only tattooed girl in my class. My parents don’t like my tattoos at all.



My last tattoo is this barb wire around my wrist. Because it’s so nineties… And also because I love Pamela Anderson. She just created herself and her persona. She just did it. For the same reason I adore Marilyn Manson, David Bowie and Prince. They all created the figure we know them for.



I have lyrics from David Bowie and Marilyn Manson my body. But Purple Rain is the best song ever so its on my hands.”