Sarah Sharks (GER) , Photographer / Blogger / Booking Agent for actors, Berlin 


“My mum gave me a tattoo for my 16th birthday. So she started it. I got a butterfly on my back. A year later I already wanted my hands to be done, but I waited until I was 20. Which is still early. She cried when I got my neck tattooed. She is convinced I will never find a decent job now. Or a decent man. Mothers….




I was bullied as a kid, from the age of 7 until the age of 15. If you don’t fit in, life can be very hard for a child. It was for me, but I learned to do it my way. Not being selfish, just acting according my own views and no one else’s. I was left out so I became a good observer and I can see a lot of people are fake and wear masks. “Original Identity” is a very important quote for me, so I had it tattooed. And also a woman that has a wolf mask on her head, taken off.



I like animal tattoos because they are good symbols for deeper meanings. I have an owl for wisdom, a bear for strength and a bird for freedom and destiny. A deer for vulnerability, femininity and gracefulness. Even though it is a stag, a male deer, it has a lot of grace too; it has both male and female features in a way. And I want a duck soon, but I don’t really know what it would symbolise?



I once won a dreamcatcher tattoo on a television program, its on my right shin. But I don’t really like it anymore and I might get it covered as soon as possible. Now I mostly go to Marco Schmidgunst here in Berlin. He did my right arm, my neck and my cleavage.