Betty Marten, Student, Berlin



“I sometimes feel as if people living in Berlin are in constant competition with each other. They’re eager to brand themselves as ‘alternative’, but it’s difficult to stand out in the crowd when the crowd looks as crazy as it does here. Nobody’s going to notice your tattooed sleeve or crazy hair colour when the person next to you has his whole face tattooed. I believe people just want to provoke sometimes, but in a city like Berlin, it’s impossible. You could shave your head and walk around in a pink pyjama all day and nobody will care. We’ve seen it all; nothing surprises us anymore. But I love having the freedom to be yourself and do whatever you want, no matter how crazy it is.



Have you seen the club scene here? People come from all over Germany, sometimes even from abroad, to wait in line for hours and hours to get into clubs they’ve heard about from friends. Berlin’s something else, there’s no city like it. I love to see rich suburban kids going out here with a pocket full of money being denied at the door. They don’t understand the fucked up appearence it takes to go out in Berlin’s nightlife.

They’re used to other clubs, where they enjoy bottle service in the VIP-area, but they don’t want that people in clubs like Berghain. It takes an open mind and a bit of craziness. And while I would definitely be denied entrance into one of their clubs, I never have trouble getting into mine. You should see the posh girls’ looks when I pass them. It’s like this city has the ability to turn it all upside down, and I love it.



So, sometimes I like to party, but otherwise I try to live healthy. I was always reading up on how to do so, so I decided to actually study it, so I’m a food science student now. I’m digging into the technical side of it first, so I can use it in dietary studies later. I love the contrasting aspects in my life and it’s important to me to have a solid professional base. Maybe not what you would expect of me at first glance, but that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? When you realise your preconception of someone, based on his or her looks, is completely wrong. I think everybody does that a little, so it’s a good thing when we realise we can be wrong about each other, too. Things aren’t always as they seem.”