Yusuke Onishi (JPN), artist, Tokyo



‘I just moved from Osaka to Tokyo a few months ago. My profession? I have no idea… I play in a band, I do some modelling, I kind of just hang around and that’s what I like best. I go with the flow and let things come naturally. I wouldn’t even call what I do modelling. I’m just in the picture, doing what I have to do, that’s it. But I got used to it, and I love how it takes me around the world. I don’t speak English, but I’m working on it and hope to live abroad some day. I’m tired of the small vision of some Japanese people. They even asked me to cover my face before, to wear a hat or something like that. Can you imagine? So maybe America, Germany, .. Who knows. As long it’s outside of Asia, anywhere is fine.’


‘Two years ago some friends told me to buy a bass guitar and join their band. That was the first time I ever touched an instrument. I’m still playing in that band. Except for our own songs I can’t actually play anything, haha, so going on stage makes me bloody nervous. I mean, I love the gigs, but the stress before the show nearly kills me.’



I really like the whole tattoo scene. I love how some people combine their tattoos with their fashion. People who care about their total look, that’s something I appreciate a lot. I love just being free. I don’t like being obliged to do things. Imagine we’ll start touring with the band and have to play every day, it will become a nuisance for me. Just being free and doing what I want, that’s my way of life.’



‘I only started with tattoos after getting divorced. I got married and got a baby when I was 19. My wife was against it so I didn’t get any tattoos. After divorcing her, it all started and this is where we are now. I just like the fact of being unique; surprise people. If people think, he must be crazy, then the goal has been reached, haha!’