Alex Martin (GBR), rigger, London


‘The mandalas on my knees were done four or five years ago and they have become tattoos that I love. But recently I started this new project with tattoo artist Neill Bass from Tattoo FX in Sussex. He’s doing a complete black-out piece all the way up to my groin and round my ass. With the perfect completion of the piece in mind, we decided to also cover my knees. It’s for a greater good. Once the blacking-out part is done, I’ll have to be patient for two years for the ink to settle in. After that we’ll start on the next step: getting white work all over the black, giving the tattoo something like a negative effect. It’s a rather new technique of tattooing, but I’m working with an artist I trust with whom I share a vision when it comes to tattoos, so I’m pretty sure it’ll turn out perfect.’




‘I hate being stuck in one place. Before I founded ASBO, a tattoo-based streetwear brand, I was building custom motorcycles; there’s no better symbol of freedom, right? I just want to go out there. That why for me the best part about getting tattooed is the traveling to get there, know what I mean? I was living in New-Zealand for a little while when I flew to Melbourne in Australia to get my first entire sleeve done. I stayed for a few weeks, traveling by myself and staying in hostels. I didn’t even think it through, I just booked a flight and went. It ended up being the perfect experience, with me meeting lots of cool people. Not that I always have to travel, I had my other arm done just down the street.’