Patricia Blackpeony (TWN), Mistress, London



‘I’ve been living in London for a little over a year now, and I love it. Taiwan is nice too, and the people are friendly, but I get bored with how conservative it is, as I am the exact opposite.’



‘I’ve always been into punk rock. When I lived in Taiwan I loved seeing images of pin-up girls and I looked up to women like Dita von Teese. Her tight and shiny clothes spoke to me and later, when I started trying these pieces on myself, I developed a fetish for them – which later turned into a latex fetish. Now that I think about it, I believe both my love for latex and tattoos sparked from me being into punk rock. And it also explains my move to London… There was no place for my not-so-conservative hobbies back home. Same goes for tattoos; most Asian people still link them to gangsters rather than seeing the beauty in them…’




‘I needed to get away from the small-mindedness, and because I was eager to turn my hobby into my profession, I packed my bags for the UK and here we are. Now I’m learning the craft  of mistresses by following my mentor, I’m taking pole dancing classes and I can just be myself, so yeah, I love living here.’