Kem (CYP), founder of Art Studio 46, Birmingham


‘I always wanted to bring everything I loved under one roof, and with me being a go-getter, I used all my resources to build Art Studio 46 and turn that dream into reality. It combines the things I love: getting tattooed, pierced and drinking exquisite coffee. The interior consists of cars, motorbikes and other garage materials – another thing I love in life. Now our customers – and I – can kick back while getting tattooed and enjoy some of the best coffee in the world.’



‘The original shop was in Northern Cyprus, my turf. And now we’re expanding to Birmingham, UK, where we will open a second shop. So now I’m not just integrating the things I care for, but also the places. There’s no ‘living the dream’ if you’re not going to build it yourself, right? I am now planning an international franchise opportunity to sell this awesome concept. So you can now own one yourself! An Art Gallery 46-establishment offers the following services: a tattoo-modelling agency, tattoos & extreme piercing, graffiti, photography and exotic coffee.’




‘I dedicated the bar to my grandfather who was a legend, known for his outrageous drinking and rebellious behavior. His spirit lives on in me: I fucking love to drink and party. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the number 46 stands for, it’s the number on the mental rapport that confirms you are mentally ill. I know, it’s a bit extreme, but we’re all a bit crazy sometimes, right?’