Dale Saunders (GBR), model/car manufacturer-manager, Luton (ENG)



‘I’m about to run out of tattoo-able room after I finish my back piece, but when that day comes, I’m just going over the other stuff. You’ll see me at the tattoo shop going like: ‘I want that darker’, or ‘I’d like this one covered’. Also, I have some clouds here and there, so I can fill those up with smaller tattoos, like little fillers. I’ll always find room… It’s and addiction, and a good addict always knows where to find his fix, right?’




‘Before I got my job as a car manufacturer I was a jeweler, which didn’t really allow me to have any visible tattoos. After my career change I embraced freedom and went all out. I consciously chose to only get black and gray tattoos and I like to see some symmetry in them. To me personally, the aesthetic side of tattoos exceeds the so-called ‘meaning’ behind them. I only have two tattoos that really mean something to me: my last name ‘Saunders’ on my back, with the little punk, an homage to my dad; and the TCB – Elvis Presley’s mantra – and lightning bolt covering my side, for my mum who loves the King.’




‘I believe my tattoos helped getting my modeling career off the ground. In combination with my long hair and beard, they give me this look that is rather unique, although I don’t necessarily fit every genre. It would be pretty cool to model full-time, but I’m not there yet. I do have a lot of fun on the job and it doesn’t get in the way of my future tattoo plans, even if I I want to get some on my face – which will probably happen sooner than later.’