Rebecca ‘Missy Macabre’ (GBR), Circus performer / Visual Artist, London




‘I mainly perform as a fire eater, but I have a bed of nails and walk on broken glass. My favorite trick onstage is to hammer nails into my nose, I really enjoy to see the reactions of the audiences when they are confronted with an extremely glamorous showgirl performing grotesque acts onstage. I enjoy to mix the elegant and feminine with the bizarre and otherworldly. The combination of danger and beauty has always appealed to me.’




‘For my big traditional Japanese piece, covering my back and sides, I intentionally chose for artist Rodrigo Souto. I always appreciated his work, and when we finished the sleeve, i knew that it was not going to be my last tattoo by him. I love the colors and textures he uses, as well as the way his work flows with the natural contours of the body. I love the back piece, and I always look forward to having another session. We’ve done about 24 hours now, spread over 7 or 8 sessions. The longer sessions can be quite intense, but it’s worth it.’