Dahlia Black (CZE), Customer care, Prague

‘I’ve always been a little different. I was born in a small town. My mom, a teacher and about as normal as normal gets, wasn’t a fan of anything considered different. But those were exactly the things that fascinated me most, like tattoos and everything revolving around them. My mom hated when I changed the way I dressed. And it only became worse after I started doing my make-up and dying my hair. To top it all off, inevitably, the tattoos came.’

‘People choose what shocks them. For example, if one was to read the Satanic bible without prejudice, he or she’d discover a guide to live your life the way you want to, with love for yourself as your primary concern. It’s funny that in this society, that means being ‘different’. And sadly, being different isn’t always appreciated.’

‘If you’re not feeling good about yourself, I suggest you find what makes you happy. For me I’ve found that my tattoos have given me a lot of confidence. Even when I’m not feeling too good about myself, I love the experience of getting tattooed, and later being photographed and seeing my tattoos in the end result.’