Milos Blazicek (CZE), Tattoo artist, Prague

‘From a young age it was clear that I’d get tattoos, with the scene I was in. My first was on my arm, as it is for most, when I was seventeen. Two years later I got the letter and tear on my face as a remembrance to my younger brother, who passed away in a motor accident.’

‘It was my wife who got me into tattooing. She always wondered why I didn’t start making them myself, since I was so dedicated to them. So one day she surprised me and got me a tattoo machine. I started an apprenticeship at Lenny studio in Prague and I’m grateful to this day for her knowing me better than I do.’

‘I usually do old skool tattoos, bold lines and bright colors, but I enjoy new challenges too. I blacked out a guy’s entire back a while ago. How it felt? I didn’t feel a thing; the guy lying on the table probably wouldn’t say the same. Six sessions of me pushing black into his back. We did give him something to cope with the pain. Poor guy.’