Michal Krutor (CZE), Pro fighter, Prague

‘Cruel is my lifetime nickname. My friend gave it to me when I was 13 years old, since I was quite a violent kid. I kept it, even as my boxing name, and it became famous in several subcultures and in the city I live. Only one Cruel on the scene!’

‘I adapted the Rudeboy philosophy as you can sometimes see in my clothing as well. Rudeboy stems from an old subculture from Jamaica, a term in that time used mostly for violent discontent youth. Now it’s mostly related to ska music. It’s also a split off of the classic skinhead. We are against all forms of racism, nazi politics and communism. Oi!’

‘Until 9 years old, I was bullied in school. I was sick of it and started taking boxing lessons. 6 months later I had my first fight. From there I went to martial arts, later on street fights and little by little I got more and more recognition from people around me which resulted in becoming a professional fighter. Recently I took a little break and I’m trying to widen my horizon to other things as well.’

‘My tattooed penis? Yeah, just a little idea I had with by brother in crimes Valerio Cancellier. But I can tell you, my head hurt a lot more. The biggest fucking pain! Hours and hours of crying and screaming. I don’t recommend it to anyone! It hurts like hell! But Valerio is a good man and he knows what’s good, so I trust him. ’

‘My life is a little crazy man. I have so many memories, sometimes unbelievable, but all really true! The tattoo on my neck says JP (Jebac Policje), as in Fuck the Police. It’s a rare hooligan character which you get after attacking a cop. I like that tattoo. As I said, my life is a little crazy.’