Aneta Hartmanova, Stripper / Sales assistant, Prague

‘I was pretty self-destructive from about the age of 12. I developed an eating disorder and harmed myself regularly. I don’t remember the exact point I turned the wheel around and realized I should be happy with who I am, but my mindset changed. And once I reached the age to get tattooed, it was like I finally started to feel like myself.’

‘I have a great relationship with my parents, they’ve always been supportive. They both have tattoos themselves and they even gave me my first one for my seventeenth birthday. Even later, when I started getting heavier body modifications, they let me do my own thing, although they weren’t as convinced as with the tattoos.’

‘By day I’m a sales assistent, but I enjoy my night job at Darling Cabaret a little bit more. We’re a group of friends who love dancing, high heels and of course the attention we get from the viewers. Stripper life can be hard sometimes, with customers being assholes and everything, but then again, what job doesn’t include dealing with assholes?’