Isch (CZE), Warehouse Coordinator, Prague

‘I started out with piercing, then came scarification and last came the tattoos. The fact that tattoos are most visible and of course stay for life, was to much to deal with in the beginning. With the scarification I wanted to prove myself (and maybe others) that I have what it takes, that I have the guts. Compared to other people I know I bloomed late, I only started after turning 18.’

‘Clint Eastwood is the action hero of my father, and my was father was, for a long time, my only hero. So he deserved a space on my body. I like his movies, especially some of his last ones. He shows that the world is not just black and white and that sometimes a happening can rearrange your values in no time.’

‘I love skulls, I even collect them, one at a time. All skulls I have on my body belong to animals that are symbolic to me in some way or I simple love them for what they are. Skulls represent the core, the essence, it’s the start which get clothed afterwards.
I was introduced to latex by my ex-partner. In the beginning it was just an interesting experiment. I perceive two main, different things: how latex looks like and how it feels on the skin. When I want to really feel something, I close my eyes, visual stimuli distract me. 
Shibari is a kind of found-again love. I was always interested, but with my body type I thought it would be impossible and also unattractive for the rigger. Fortunately, I met the right person and we found out it can be done.
I strongly separate activities done with my partner and with a “model”. Tying on a model is just technique and aesthetics, with my partner… I close my eyes.’