Karolina Hulkova (CZE), Hair Stylist, Prague

‘Most designs for my tattoos are chosen based on my emotions, according to my current phase in life and how I feel about the design. The film Edward Scissorhands has left strong feelings inside of me – both Edward as a character and the depicting of the society and its behaviour. I guess I felt a bit like Edward in that period of my life, so he deserved a place on my body. And in general, I like Tim Burton’s production.’

‘Sixteen years ago or so, when I started to be interested in the alternative scene, tattoos and stuff like that, I stumbled upon the many beautiful people from SuicideGirls. They were iconic for me, I dreamt of becoming one of them. Later I met an official SuicideGirls photographer and my dream came true. However, after a few years, photo shooting lost sense for me. It was not important for me anymore and since that time my attitude has not changed. I like being photographed, but only if it’s for an interesting project.’

‘I love traveling. It gives you freedom and the possibility to leave the daily routine behind. You can go wherever you want and have something good to eat. I love discovering new cultures and their local cuisine. Exploring for example Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand was amazing. I loved the locals, always smiling and never prejudiced. Traveling always gives me new energy, detachment and a bit different attitude towards life – about what one needs or rather doesn’t need in their life. I have only one tattoo from my travels so far – a Sak Yant tattoo from Cambodia. It was an unforgettable experience, not only because of the pain, the connection between a tattoo and a ritual, or its meaning for the local culture but also because of the relation to the tattoo artist. He was actually a kind of judge in the everyday life and also a sacred man. I recommend this experience, however, you should choose the tattoo salon properly.’