Ladislav Ladyk Stanek (CZE), Programmer, Prague

‘Modeling is a free time activity for me and therefore I can afford to choose only those projects that really interest me. It’s sometimes hard to combine as I’m traveling a lot for my job, but for an interesting project, there’s always a solution! The biggest benefit about modeling for myself is the opportunity to meet a lot of new and talented people. All the financial profit I gain from it, goes directly to the children’s cancer center. This also feels very rewarding for me. My friends daughter died from cancer and this really upset me. This is one of the ways to cope with the pain.’

‘Back in the days when I got my first tattoo (1994), tattoos were still part of a subculture and therefore every drop of ink was of great importance. Nowadays it’s quite often a fashion accessory and I sometimes feel the essence of tattoo communities is getting lost. The artist is of great importance for me, sometimes even more than the actual result. Recently I’ve been tattooing myself a bit, an interesting experience and the next step in my tattoo adventure. The ink is ugly crooked, but at least it’s mine, haha!’