Charlotte Adigery (FRA), singer/music student, Ghent

Charlotte Adigéry, 24, explains to us her family history.


“My mother was one of the many people from Martinique and Guadeloupe who went studying in France. After her studies she travelled around in France and eventually went to live in Guadeloupe where she lived a free and happy life matching her rebellious and free spirit.

My father did his military service in Marseille where he claims to have had the time of his life as a handsome, girl chasing teddy-boy.


My mother ended up in Ghent (Be) out of curiosity of what her brother (who married a girl from Ghent) was up to here, starting the first cocktail-bar in Ghent called Madinina. My father ended up in Ghent to purchase a well-payed but heavy craft as a welder. They met in the Madinina in 1989, I was conceived in Ghent 🙂

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As for my West-Indian roots: my father has a Portugese last name, so there must have been a Portuguese colonialist ‘owning’ some of my ancestors during slavery. My grandfather on my father’s side looks suspiciously Indian (a big Indian community came to work the land on many west-Indian islands after the slave abolition and mixed with the local community).

My mother’s mother could be mistaken for a light-skinned arabic woman and has family in French Guyana.
While my mother’s fathers great great great-grandfather was a white man (as the French, Dutch, English, Portugese and many more greedy bastards occupied the islands during the triangular trade and slavery). So that may be an explanation for the two blonde (certainly not white) straight hairs that grow out of the front of my hairline.


That being said, Charlotte is now living in Ghent, while studying at the ‘Pop and rock school’ in Hasselt (Belgium).
“I felt like this school could teach me so much more about music, while triggering (but never invading) my own creative work and style. I’m coming from a very musical family. My mother is a great singer, we sing together in a reggae band. Apparently my grandmother also had a beautiful voice, constantly singing her own interpretations of old french chansons and jazz-classics. I’m very thankful to have gotten the heritage of coming from islands where music is so alive through dance and songs on the streets, in every little café and on any family event.

My dream is also to be touring all over the world with my band, before coming home to a peaceful and inspiring family.”

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To finish of with, Charlotte is so kind to give us an insight in her favorite places in Ghent:

I just love how people coming from hivernal places try their ultimate best to make something out of empty,
old spaces to welcome their short periods of summer in the most creative and festive way.
Dok is a beautiful meeting spot for people who love music, film, flea markets, good (street)food.Bourgoyen
is a greenbelt just outside the city where all kinds of inhabitants go to get out of the limiting visibility
and the hectic fast life of the city and get in touch with nature.

is a small and old café in the Sleepstraat where people come to drink
and dance without the fuss of having to look hip or interesting.
Fun, natural fun!

Il Folletto
My godfather is the chef of this delicious Italian restaurant, he runs the place with his brother in the old fashion Italian way.
Not too much ‘chichi’, fresh products, no pizza hawaii’s and just a hint of the paisano chauvinism. Delightful.

Sint jacobs & vrijdagsmarkt
I just love the smell of old books, I think they smell like cinnamon cookies.
So as often as I can, I go sniff old books and try on old fur jackets (which I never buy, murderrr!)
and watch the old Ghent characters talk to each other in the coolest dialect of the whole of Flanders.”

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