Mirka Hricova (SVK), Piercing artist, Prague

‘I’ve been doing yoga for many years now. It was a long way to understand the ‘deeper’ meaning behind it and actually I’m still on my way, probably forever. It’s not only about exercising and being flexible, I understand it more like a way of living or philosophy. I’m working now on becoming a yoga teacher as I would love to spread those ideas to the world.’

‘Besides that I do pole dance and aerial hoop, but this more as a physical activity. Since I was a kid I adored acrobats and dancers. I love to express myself this way. I love to train hard, go beyond edges, building a better, stronger, more flexible version of myself.’

‘I love super heroes and comics. I always imagine myself in this fantasy world where people have special powers and skills and where everything seems possible. It’s also connected to my passion for games.’

‘I would do everything I consider aesthetic, comfortable and safe. Pain is something temporarily and it depends on my physical and mental state. Sometimes a few hours of tattooing is much more painful than having a quick subnormal implant. I guess for the last one I realise its a more serious thing so I prepare myself mentally for it, which makes it less painful. I remember my black work chest and my belly scar were both insane painful and uncomfortable.’