Josia Strom (JPN), photographer, gypsy

Josia Strom just arrived in Tokyo when we had him in front of our camera.
Being born in an US naval hospital in Okinawa (Japan),
Josia is leading quite a gypsy kind of lifestyle.


“I’ve never settled in one place for more than 3 years. I’ve been constantly traveling between Japan and the US. The last few years I was trying to graduate high school which I did this year.


I got a lot of tattoos. It started with one that says ‘RIP Tupac’, his lyrics were awesome! A few of my tattoos were done by myself, for example the nomad one, it represents my gypsy life. Some of them are really crappy, haha, I got the russian criminal tattoos for example done in a dorm in boarding school, that explains the crappiness, no? lol

JosiaStrom_04 copy

JosiaStrom_01 copy

Tokyo for me is the center of change in Japan, I guess you could say a new era. I want to go to college to become a war photographer, so I’m now in Japan to make money for that. Ending up in some war torn country, that’s all I can wish for for now…”