Nikol Kalasova (CZE), Private teacher for kids, Prague

‘I’m a vegan since 2008. So it will be 12 years next year that I started to live this way. Looking back at it, it must be one of my best choices in my life, no regrets at all. I find it very easy to be vegan here at Prague. There a lot of possibilities to eat or buy vegan things, cheap or expensive, everyone can find his own. We even have a vegan and on top of that cruelty free supermarket, even vegan fashion starts to pop up here and there. I believe being vegan is not about how easy it will be or not, it’s just about you and your determination and conviction. One who doesn’t want to, finds reasons. Those who want, will find ways. I guess that counts for everything in life.’

‘For me, being vegan is not just about the food I eat, but about not tested (cruelty free) products in every segment of my life. In the past I was a part of most demonstrations and similar actions for saving animals, changing for better ethics. Right now I make my own calendar of which all benefits go to the animal shelter where I adopted 2 of my dogs. My boyfriend and me have 3 dogs together. The second one is from ukrainian shelter. My boyfriend chose her because of the bad condition she was in and because she was missing one of her front leg. For similar reasons I chose our first and third dog. They were underweight, scared of people, sounds, fast movements and so on. That third was rescued from a very bad shelter where they found bodies of at least 50 deceased dogs. With my calendar I try to do my little part to help.’

‘I do care about people as well of course. With my boyfriend I am cooking vegan food  and doing other activities for homeless people with a project “Food Not Bombs”. People should help each other where they can. We should make our planet a nice place, helping nature to live and not destroying it.’

‘My “пустота” tattoo in literally means “emptiness”. It’s about the feeling inside that I have for many years because of my borderline personality disorder. At first it would pull me down and I  hated it. Later on I figured out that it’s a part of me that it’ll never disappear,  so I learned to accept it. Because I feel different than other people and I can work with it and convert this emptiness into something positive, Like helping others or make art. I try to be positive, see more beauty in ‘usual’ things and transform this monster in me into something nice.’

‘I was born in a city called Havirov, in the Czech Republic. I moved to Prague about 6 years ago. The funny thing is that I didn’t like Prague in the beginning. I was always telling everybody that I don’t want to live here. I thought it was a chaotic city, but little by little I fell in love with it. It’s a city filled with culture, beautiful places, interesting organisations like ‘Food not Bombs’, ‘Trash Hero’ etc. And it’s a very dog friendly city!’