Loris Accaries (FRA), cgi artist/film director, Tokyo

French born and raised Loris Accaries moved to Tokyo at the end of 2013.
“I was bored in my previous company, so I needed a radical change.
I saw a job offer in Tokyo and… here I am.”


“A couple of years ago, I was stuck working 14 hours a day, almost every day for a year. The only changes I was able to do, were on my look. I shaved my head and got my tattoos. I got them all on 1 day in Arles. There was a tattoo shop at the corner of my street, I don’t even remember the name. The design is really simple and tattoo artists’ book was good enough, so I gave it a chance.”


“The four drops are Christian related symbols. They express my love/hate relationship towards religions. My favorite art period is Italian renaissance, it could not have been what it is without the divine topic/inspiration.”

LorisAccaries_02 copy

“On weekdays I spend most of my time at the office, working on short films and commercials. The weekends are reserved for watching movies and working on personal film projects. A whole day off would ideally start with eating sushi, going for a walk in Harajuku, a jog in the park, hot pot dinner at one of my favorite places in Asakusa, followed by partying all night.”