Phil La Noiraude (SVK), Make-up Artist, Prague

‘I’ve always had these gut feelings about situations and I taught myself to trust and follow them. But this one was much more intense, cause after almost 5 years I started to feel uninspired and not at the right location on this planet. I was growing with my career but at the same time I felt stuck in terms of setting myself a goal that I could try achieve at that point and place. My move to Prague was definitely a good decision!’

‘I could not be happier with how things are moving here. My professional growth right now is really exciting for me, cause I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for people to see and appreciate me. I started when I was 16 and I moved to Prague exactly a year ago when I was 23 and I can already feel the energy shift. It feels like Prague and I got engaged last year and now we’re having that wedding, haha. But to be honest, I’m really grateful for the amount of growth I could experience as a person also. So far Prague has been good to me.’

‘I really love make-up and just life on set in general. My dream job would definitely be working with Pat McGrath, so Mother if you’re reading this, I don’t care what kinda job u have for me, just hire me, haha. But maybe with a little more realistic approach for the next year.. I would love to expand more into film for sure.’

‘I enjoy doing all kinds of things, going from make-up to styling, modelling and acting.  I know my main focus always will be make-up but make-up kinda goes hand in hand with all those other things, you know. But with that being said, I want to perfect my craft as much as I can but I also want to continue having fun challenging myself with whatever’s in front of me. I hate setting boundaries for myself. I can’t really call myself an actor, ’cause that’s just hella disrespectful towards real actors, haha. Who knows, maybe 2020 will bring more acting opportunities… maybe I know what you don’t know yet, haha. We shall see.’

‘A lot of tattoos are web related. For example the cursor tattoo is a little metaphor. I wanted to capture a similar essence to a prisoner’s teardrop tattoo so I came up with a cursor as a symbol of technology killing our generation as if I was the prisoner. And I really feel like one sometimes. We’re all prisoners of this society, this system and this planet with so much evil on it. 
There’s also the ‘frozen windows’ one.. which I believe represents my generation the most, haha.. you know the generation before us didn’t give a shit about computers and internet that much and the generation after me is all about snapchat and instagram.. I’m right in the middle where I’d be here before the whole Internet stuff blew up, but I’m also forced to live in an era where I can see the insane growth of it and obsession over it all. I think seeing both of these worlds is both blessing and a curse for our generation, but we can compare these worlds and choose for ourselves what to take with us on our journey and what to leave the fuck behind, if you will. The frozen windows for sure represents the way I feel haha.. the window itself says ERROR and only gives you a yes and a no option.
I have many more, but over all all of them are and will be pretty important in the bigger picture for me.’

‘A lot of things have been said and will be said about gender and everything around it. I’d choose Unspecified, haha. But honestly I identify as Queer, but I also hate the whole idea of these boxes. Be, love or fuck whoever you want to unless you’re hurting somebody. It’s all love. Labels will never make us equal. If it’s all love, who the fuck cares? I was always closer to the feminine energy, just because the masculine one for me was connected with a lot of aggression, violence and rage. I always saw the feminine one as more beautiful, strong and creative. Inspiring also. So it’s pretty normal for me to be kind of flowing between the feminine and the masculine.. or around the whole spectrum, haha.’