Louise Katharina Rolfsted (DNK), babysitter/translator, Tokyo

Danish Louise Katharina Rolfsted is living in Tokyo for over a year now.
She’s so in love with the city that she’s split choosing between Copenhagen and Tokyo.


LouiseRolfsted_01 copy

“Tokyo is the city with endless opportunities. Whatever you like, you can find it here. I would recommend anyone to come here!
People here are so friendly, the service is good, some areas are packed with people, then you take a turn and you feel like you are all alone in the world. I love it!


Being in Japan, I do hide my tattoos sometimes. Going to formal events here, I never know what kind of people I’m going to meet, so I cover ‘m up as people can be a bit more on the conservative side.

My tattoos do feel like my jewelry though, they’re part of me, I would never cover them in Denmark.

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I put a lot of thought in my first tattoo, an apple on my lower back. I wanted a memory of my time in the US.
While I was living there, I totally fell in love with NYC, so the apple seemed to be the perfect symbol.


The tattoo on my left arm, I share with my brother. He always wanted tattoos,
so I felt it was right to give hime his first one for his 18th birthday.
We got the same one as a symbol of love and always being there for each other
even though we live on other sides of the world.

He now has so many tattoos and works as an intern for the tattoo aftercare lotion ‘Sorry mom’.