Richard Sedlacek (CZE), Tattoo artist, Prague

‘I tattooed myself when I was 14 years old with a sewing needle and some pen ink, but I never imagined that some day tattooing would be my work and life.
I had a “normal” job with all the benefits a big company can give, but it made me depressive and I needed a change. I started to get more tattoos and was intrigued by the life of the tattoo artists I came across. I felt this might had been what I was looking for so I started drawing after work, every single night! 7 months later I had my first costumer.’

‘Working as a tattoo artist brings you in contact with people from all over the world. I did tattoo abroad a few times already, but having many international customers here in Prague, shows me the world, even this close to my own home.’  

‘3 years ago I became vegan. After quitting my boring life in the big company, a new world opened up. Before that I never even think about the milk or meat industry, but meeting many interesting people opened up my eyes. Doing a lot of research and being more and more informed, I realize how blind I was for years. On top of that I also feel much better now and I love vegan food. It’s such a shame that when you’re actually trying to do something good for your fellow man and the planet, that some of those ignorant people making fun of you or giving you names like ‘green fool’ or things like that. If only they would know better…’