Moo (JPN), model, Tokyo

Moo, model, born in Saitama, is living in Tokyo now. He moved to the city at the age of 19.
As fully tattooed people still get related to organized crime and ‘bad people’, Moo got a lot of ‘looks’ from passersby at the countryside.


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“Not a big difference though with the downtown areas in Tokyo, but in the areas where I like to hang out (Shibuya, Aoyama, Harajuku, …), people are more used to it, they can make the distinction between the so called yakuza (organized crime syndicates from Japan) and other tattooed people.


We still get banned in public baths or hot springs. It doesn’t really makes sense to me, but we don’t all think the same, right? (lol)

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The only thing we can do, is trying to make a good impression to the public. Quite often, for example when taking a train, kids ask their parents what all the ‘drawings on that body’ are, pointing at me. Uncomfortable situation for the parents mostly, but I always reply with a gentle smile and a friendly greeting towards the kids. It’s time to get the connection between tattoos and bad people out of people’s mind!

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Moo was willing to share with us his 5 favorite places in Tokyo:

Tsutaya Bookstore
A popular bookstore in Daikanyama. I especially like hanging out there in the evening.

Filbert Steps
A coffee shop in Shibuya

A Japanese restaurant in Minami-Aoyama

Iroha sushi
In Nakameguro.

A buckwheat store in Komazawa.

So many things to find in the most fun place in Japan!”

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