Zdenka Vyhlidkova (CZE), Tattoo artist, Prague

‘I wear my clothes to feel good and comfortable. I really love simple and old retro stuff, so mostly I buy second hand or vintage clothing. It inspires me more than buying new clothes. Whenever I do go for new stuff, I wear it for years until it literally falls apart.’

‘One of my hobbies is bikes. I have two of them, a Yamaha Sr500 1978 kick starter custom bike build like scrambler, and a Yamaha XJ 550 1983 Cafe racer. I only wish I had more time riding ‘m.’

‘As a kid, I was always drawing and really liked art. I got obsessed with piercings, tattoos and different types of body modifciation, so from an early age I started to think about having tattoos for myself. I always wished I could have my own drawings tattooed on my body, so I had that done by another artist before actually doing that myself as well.’

‘I’m happy I pursued my dream, as when I was a kid, I could always see my parents being sad and frustrated about their work. From that point I promised myself to find some work that I would really love.’