Soh Nemoto (JPN), fashion pr, Tokyo

28-year old Soh Nemoto studied English and worked as a stylist assistant for 1 year and a half in London.
He’s back in Japan now, living and working in Tokyo.


As a employee for fashion PR agency H3O, he mainly deals with upcoming fresh and young designers from overseas. His job? Spreading these brands (Sretsis, Vivetta, Niels Peeraer, Wonder Anatomie, …) in Japan and all over the world.


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“My job brings me to places like Paris, for example during Fashion Week. We locate our showroom in Paris and invite buyers from overseas stores. Last time was the 3rd time we showed our brands over there. I hope we can step up every time we go there!”

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“I love cities like London, Stockholm, Paris. I often think about the cities, the people I’ve met there, friends who are living there. Despite the weather, I even started missing London (lol). British people are quite similar to Japanese I would say. Sometimes we’re shy, other times we can be wild (when drinks are involved, haha!).”

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“Fashion is one of the ways to express yourself. I love it! But to be honest, everyone should wear whatever they want, it’ll lead to their own style and expressions. The same for my tattoos: I don’t really think about a reason when getting them. Maybe they’re more like stickers that I can never get peeled off…

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